emailing the enemy

19 Feb

Emails I shouldn’t send to a guy (C.) I shouldn’t be talking to:

Dear C:

thinking that your pudgy, naked winged child missed. Hope you had a good week. Really sorry it ended the way it did and I am busy wondering why you didn’t want to talk it out.

I’ll give you the time of day if you ever need it. mostly because I like the attention.



Dear C:


i got nothing and I think I am done emailing you. I am sorry I’m not a Christian… and you let an old gf talk you out of spending time with me. I’m sorry you let me think that I wasn’t worth your time, when really, you just didn’t want to hurt me or you before we got too into it. I think now how hard it must be for you, but respect that you aren’t faltering on what you believe in.

and if it was because you just weren’t that into me, well then, fuck you.


I like to call this therapy. for me, anyways, a good never sent email does a lot. plus, it allows me to be a lot more cordial in the ones I shouldn’t be sending anyways.


One Response to “emailing the enemy”


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