I’m a real, live girl!

20 Feb

i’m going to quit you like Brittany Spears quits crazy.

I want so badly to be strong and able to move on. Last Friday was Get Over It Day… which turned into At Least I’m Not Mad at You Day. weird. There was a whole lot of fat-free Jello Pudding involved. swirl flavor. because at this point I am just trying to keep it exciting.

Funny, I talk to myself a whole lot more when there are boys involved. There are “I hate yous” as I pull my top off the hanger and “I can’t believe you are going to get away with thats” as I hang my towel up in the bathroom. “What happeneds” are pointless, as I think I know the answer. and I have always known it had nothing to do with me.

Looking back, I don’t think I ever knew what you were thinking. And I believed what you were saying, so I never even thought to investigate further. bummer for me. I should have known better. And like Pinocchio’s nose grows when he lies, I build my walls up higher with every lie you told me. maybe that is the difference between boys and girls.


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