three way

22 Feb

Last night I had a three way phone conversation on skype with my mom and my sister. It was hilarious and everything I loved about being happy and being a family. Sad how those moments strike me as being so few, but my parents bring with them a heightened stress level. It is not every day that I get to enjoy them as people and friends and confidants, instead of parents.

In an sad attempt to set up my mom’s skype, while talking to her ON skype, she shrieked at my suggestions. I can only imagine her eyes darting around the desktop, “green bubble? I see a green bubble, but its next to your name, not your sister’s”

me: ok, what does it say in your contact list next to her name?

mom: um, where’s my contact list? I see file, edit, view

me: Mom, its the thing with the bubbles!

After spending what felt like days finding my sister’s contact info, I was trying to confirm she had the right name for my sister by having her identify my sister’s icon:

me: mom, what do you see?

mom: it says melbourne, austrailia…

me: do you see a hamster?

She lost it. I mean she completely flipped out in only a way my mother could: A HAMSTER!?! what do you mean? A hamster, no I don’t see a hamster? You mean, like a RODENT?”

me: ya, with a carrot?

mom: a carrot? what do you MEAN a carrot? where is the hamster and why is there a carrot?

Insert sister via conference call. I relayed the story via chat while we were talking to my mom. My sister died laughing. Then my mom caught on because my sister can’t type quietly. Busted. just like the old days.


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