Panic Room

28 Feb

At a work conference this morning, I woke up 6 minutes before I had to be presentable, downstairs, and learning new product.

7:54 am. The only thing worse would have been waking up at 8:05, officially 5 minutes late to start. Who, other than an angry god, makes you wake up at 7:54 instead of sleeping through the entire thing and waking up leisurely at 10:30 am? If you are going to be late, you might as well enjoy it. Instead I had to catch my breath while brushing my teeth and throwing on some slightly unwrinkled clothes. ick.

I made it, and now we are done. I don’t get to hang out with all these people I love until next January. The days of leaving our old lives behind as we learn new ones are gone. Boxed wine, hotel room hang out sessions, and looking forward to joking with my peeps. All gone.
My support is truly renewed when I am around them. Talk about feeling refreshed* and newly motivated.

* as refreshed as can be running on less than 3 hours sleep per night.


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