as of late

12 Mar

whirlwind of the last few days:

I signed up for kickball in OB on Thursday nights. I can’t wait to check out a happy hour with my teammates, a newfound love for a red rubber ball, and some dirt in my teeth.

I hung out with my new CS friend, B, at Taco Tuesday in PB. Weird though, they brought us our food on one plate? so we had to share. The hang out sesh was a little blind-date-ish in the beginning. I didn’t know what he looked like so we were calling each other and I was like “uh, I’m in a yellow shirt and I just walked in?” Random, but fun.

I went to happy hour with Kay and her new boy, and had a blast. I love that girl. We caught up and had a ball, although we did miss the “Fireman Auction” at the bar across the street. If I had any money to bid on a fireman date, I would have been there. Instead I spent a smart ten bucks on ginormous margaritas and called it a night. I think we are going to start a Working Girl Wednesdays. I’ll keep you posted.


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