non-response: Part 1

27 Mar

I don’t want to respond to you for fear of starting that cycle. The one where I respond, careful to not write anything too cryptic, needy or optimistic, and then wait for you to respond. In waiting for you to write me back, one of two things will happen: you will make me frett over your impending response for days, or you will never respond. For my sake, I hope it is option 2. Honestly though, both are going to suck equally.

With regards to the first, I am sure you will leave ample space between exchanges, much like I am doing now. I am also operating under the understanding that you do this for the same ridiculous reason I do: beacuse you like the idea of knowing that someone is thinking about you.

Between the waiting, the thinking, and the worrying, you’re not worth the effort. The “worth it” to “waiting for you to respond” ratio is not in my favor.

Consider this my non-response. I will see you at the wedding. It will be fun, because I will be drunk. Save up all of your responses until then.


One Response to “non-response: Part 1”


  1. who called it « I’m busy pretending to not look for you - May 4, 2008

    […] It started out innocently enough, with a quick hello and an even quicker hug. I met your friends and we laughed and joked. No one objected when Ryan noted, “The sexual tension between you two is materializing. I think I can actually see it.” So we laughed it off as being one of many inappropriate comments to come, and knew in our hearts that we had been waiting for this. […]

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