pretending, still?

29 Mar

I had an hilarious interaction with my dry cleaner on Friday.

A little background, first. My dry cleaner is commonly referred to by the people at my work as the dry-cleaner nazi. The slight Seinfeld reference is an earned one, as he requires exact change, very prompt pickup and often scolds you for new stains. Why do I continue to provide my nosy dry cleaner with business? Well, because he does a great job, and grace isn’t my best quality, so I often send him clothes that appear as though they jumped out of a Tide commerial.

He recognizes me and has inquired about my job situation. He asks quizzically if I am in school and repeatedly I tell him, “No, I am done. I work.”

So I walk in Friday, he nods, and pulls a new ticket. Then he looks at me above the rims of his glasses and says, “Pretending, still?” as he inquires about my last name. Then he asks for my first initial. I nod, then respond, and he counters with “When are you going to change your name?” I laugh. He says “When are you going to get married?”

I laugh again, smile, and respond, “Not for a very long time.”

Undaunted, he persists. “Why a long time? What is your plan for marriage?”

“My plan? I don’t have one, I don’t even have a prospect. I am in no hurry.”

“hmph. How old are you?”


“hmph, you should be married by 25. I think 25 is good age. Then you have two years.”

“ok, I’ll remember that. Thanks.” I smile, he relents, and I leave.

I can’t wait until I walk in three years and he says, “Pretending, still?”

Talk about dissapointment.


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