Big Brother

6 Apr

make out maybes turned into make out memories*, except not with Guy Friend 1 as predicted, but rather his older brother.

I am going to skirt the blame on this one because there were Bionic Beavers served in pitchers with 5 punch-y straws begging to be sucked on. Did I mention the part where the old (and I mean old) Kansas fan joined us in a ceremonial drinking of the red, cough-syrupy liquid and proceeded to rub my back? ewww. Fortunately every guy we were with noticed, and I was promptly rescued from his creepy claws.

We drank and danced and let Travis play us his tunes. Damn, that kid has a great voice. Kay likes to refer to him as a panty melter. She is probably right. I should have been making out with him. But instead, Big Brother provided the drinks and I provided some tongue. Frankly had my judgment been spot on, I probably wouldn’t have made out with anyone.

And so this morning I texted Kay to come get me, and a few Excedrin later, here I am. Still Hungover.

*actual remembering not guaranteed


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