honesty is the best policy

14 Apr

My roommate and I are different. We do things differently, react differently, and could see the same thing and have two completely different responses.

It is the different from me part of her that I love. She lost her voice recently, and today after letting me blab on about my day, she looked at me when I started asking her questions, and simply said, “I am done talking today.”

It was honest. It was the truth. And it was what she needed.

She was polite and genuine.

I was thinking about it later and wanted to run up and hug her. I have been begging friends and roommates to just tell me when something is wrong or up. But with girls, especially girls my age, there are so many social constraints on communication, that the truth never comes out when you need it, directly from the person dishing it out.

I was astonished. I think she is the first person to have told me the simple truth in a really long time. and honestly, it just sounded different.


One Response to “honesty is the best policy”


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