shave me off a piece of that.

28 Apr

Saturday morning: when I thought I was going to the wedding, later that afternoon, where C would be.

Me: I really shouldn’t shave. I need all the help I can get.

Kay: Um, has that worked in the past?

Me: No, actually. Not once.

Kay: Well, then maybe you should, just so you don’t appear… unkempt.

I think I just about died laughing. Oh the joys of being a lady.*

Based on my track record, all signs are pointing to “I’m an idiot.”

Then to top it off, we get home, I am checking the date of the wedding, and Kay goes, “Pretending, May 3 is next Saturday”

What? Thank god I didn’t get all dressed up, and show up at the wedding that wasn’t really until next weekend.

Only in my life, people.
* Don’t worry, I use the term loosely. My dad always claimed I was his first-born son.


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    […] here Kay was moving back here from law school. Kay- she starts trouble-  whether it be with ipods, personal grooming, or crushes. Plus, she also got a kickass job at a law firm downtown and I am sure we will be going […]

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