roomie random #1: country road

30 Apr

I love the roomie. We aren’t home much. But when we are, it is like we were meant to be together. We each pull something out of the fridge; me supplying the mini pizza, her the crackers and cheese. I get all healthy and grill some zucchini, she counters by opening a bottle of wine. We eat like cute, little french people in the countryside.

She downloads the music, then I steal it from her. While browsing through my music looks at me puzzled and says, “John Denver? I thought he was a weatherman.” I immediatly curl over from laughing and warn her that I just might have to sing her one of his songs (Leaving on a Jet Plane, Take Me Home, Country Road, Rocky Mountain High).

Just yesterday I was singing “Say” by John Mayer, and she says, “Man, the things you do to songs.” I have a horrible voice and I can’t hold a tune. No joke, Mrs. Spain, my 6th grade choir instructor, pulled me aside and told me to lip sync. Roomie claims I make every song sound like KidBop.

compliment? No, I think she was just being honest.


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