reeling to be real

1 May

My mind is reeling and it is late, but I have to go to bed. I have been reading up on PR and Marketing and recently came across a job opportunity that I am going to apply for.

After doing some snooping, I discovered that there has been a lot of talk in the industry, and with this particular company about reputation management. (no links because I am trying to stay under the radar)

I use this blog more as a journal for myself. And then I read a post where the author said that the best blogs are the ones where you say what you need to say, and people will love you for it. So I have been doing that on my blog, with regular frequency. However, I kept in anonymous as a result of being in the education industry, and as a result of me being very frank in my blog posts. I didn’t really need to see my blogging connecting in any way with the people who actually knew me. Because when I started, it wasn’t about connecting with people who knew me, but rather finding people in similar situations and making a connection with them, through one medium.

How, then, do you merge the two together?

I had a revelation of sorts after reading the post for the job, and another about reputation management. These people are doing exactly what I love. They are taking my favorite part of college, exactly where I left off, and running with it. I admit, they are light years ahead of where I am on thinking about it, but it fits.

And I want to fit in with them. Badly.


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