19 May

If I could I would have taken all the hurt away. I know you are feeling crappy, and are doubting if you should stay there. But I have also seen how happy he makes you, and how his eyes acknowledge, everyday, that he wouldn’t be able to go on without you.

Do your parents know what is best? I would put my money on yes.

I don’t think you know now what you want. More importantly I don’t think you are willing to give up the trade off. Parents or husband? I know you couldn’t live without them, and I know you would resent him for driving them away.

I wish I could fix it. Eventually (really long eventually) your parents will come around and apologize for thinking of keeping you from the love of your life. But you will have given up a life with them to be with your soul mate.

Or eventually, you will leave him, because the trade off is too much, and you will meet someone, and know that the love of your life is out there waiting, and you let those acknowledging eyes go.

And hopefully, instead of the solution that leaves you half-empty, you will find that the man for you that can negotiate all of the things that are important to you. Because after all, it just isn’t right unless your parents approve and you are madly in love. And he will be perfect and you will thank your lucky stars and all of your exs that you finally love the man that can give you everything you truly needed.

Because, after all, half-empty only means that there is another half yearning to be filled.


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