Fireworks Fail

21 May

please excuse the blog barf that will take place over the next few days. I have been hoarding things to divulge, and I think I have finally had enough. A pure purge will commence shortly.

Purge Part 1:

I feel fantastic. I am guilt-free (pretty good for a girl who was raised Catholic). I don’t worry about telling my friends about C., because there is nothing new to tell. I don’t fret over when he will call me back, because I don’t feel compelled to return his attempts at contacting me.

I realized it a few days after receiving a text that I didn’t think too much of at the time. We were talking about a hypothetical guy and this girl <insert barf here> and he texted something along the lines of “She shouldn’t take it personally, maybe he just doesn’t know what he wants and can’t commit.”

Drumroll, please. That text did nothing to me at the time. I read over it a few days later and decided that those are two of the worst things I could ever tolerate in someone, and he offered both. He honestly threw both of them out there, IN THE SAME SENTENCE. First of all he can’t decide, and then even if he does, he can’t commit? Waste O’ Time right there!

And the best part was that he told me, straight out, honestly. He didn’t hide it, or not cop up to it. How much more clear of a message did I need? He typed it right there for me to read. He could have put it in fucking fireworks, and I would have shamelessly flirted back.

I feel free and ready to meet someone who wants to spark some fireworks of a different sort.


One Response to “Fireworks Fail”

  1. voiceinmyhead May 22, 2008 at 12:30 pm #

    good for you! next please???

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