hedging the bets

11 Jun

I am not much of a gambler- thankfully. In short, I over-reacted (and by over-reacting I mean I was taking bets for reasons as to why Bear hadn’t called yet).

By late Tuesday morning, participants included:

Kay: she still had hope, exact words were “It is too early to tell”

Bails: He is a drug dealer in SD and finally got arrested. He is in jail.

Me: Novelty wore off. Of course.

Roomie: Uh. Don’t hold your breath.

So I threw myself an early birthday party, because my actual one is being forgotten due to Father’s Day. Everyone in attendance was aware of my near-fatal phone letdown, and I was happy to have a distraction.

My distraction arrived in the middle of dinner, in the form of a phone call from Bear, which resulted in cheers from all party guests.

There was fist-pumping, until Kay mentioned that he could in fact be in the bar, watching my reaction, and quickly be heading for door.

Now, we can’t have that.


2 Responses to “hedging the bets”


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