Daddy’s Girl

24 Jun

Ironically, my dad made me feel better. Out of a lack of understanding, he basically said I didn’t even know the guy, and that overall, it was a relatively small investment.

Then he asked me to help him move next Sunday. I am a sucker and I own a truck, so on Sunday I will be helping him move- likely hungover from a bonfire on Saturday night.

My newfound neutrality was all I needed to feel refreshed so I hit the gym after pilates in a burst of energy.

Then, as I ran into the grocery store to pick up something for dinner, I simultaneously ran into HIS friends. What are the chances? I met the couple the night Bear and I met, and have maybe seen them twice since then. I definitely hadn’t factored grocery store run-ins into the mix (especially sweaty, straight from the gym ones). Good thing all I had in my hands was edamame and spinach, as opposed to a pint of Phish Food, a bottle of wine and a six pack of swirl Snack Packs.

As neutral as can be expected.


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