26 Jun

I went and saw Cartel play at the fair last night. It was free with fair admission, and since I had tickets through work, it would have been stupid to not go.

I was however, cautious. My friend had seen them before and didn’t have the best things to say, and I have grown weary of shows where the crowd is super young (as in they have to bring their parents?) It says a lot about my taste in music (not good, clearly).

So I was really surprised when we got there just when the show was about to start and there was no BS. We just joined the crowd in front of the stage and sang along. It was great!

The crowd was definitely random, as it was peppered with a lot of younger kids and some d-runk guys that were super messed up.

Oh ya, and then there was this guy:

HELLO, DOUCHE-O-MATIC. Him and his friends were playing “Bro of the Day” (with coordinating bandanas) and then the band leaves the lead singer on the stage to play this one sappy song that isn’t that well-known. And the guy breaks down. As in- he could not have been more into a song. He knows every word, and all of the sudden the Bandana Brophys start to resemble the Backstreet Boys. I could not stop laughing.

Then, as if by direction, the crowd shifts, the boys step forward to fill in the gaps, and there is a group of five girls, definitely not past their training bra teens, and they are dying laughing at the same guys. They are cracking up and mocking his movements.

Good thing they recognize lame guys at such an early age. Maybe they will burn the images in their heads so when they see a look-a-like brophy approaching them at a bar in seven years, they can just laugh it off before they get burned.

Oh- and it has officially been decided that I can pretty much fall for any guy in a band in about 2 seconds.


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