old times sake

30 Jun

I went to a party last weekend for a friend from high school. The place was covered in randoms.

One of which was my first boyfriend, ever.

Not such a big deal, except that we broke up via old-fashioned avoidance followed by a completely awkward “This isn’t working out phone call” about three weeks too late, and I was left scrambling for a new homecoming date.

The method was actually quite impressive on his part, seeing as we kind of hung out in the same group of friends and we were forced to show up at school every day. I never claimed him as an ex, and the few people that knew about it were smart enough to never bring it up.

Regardless, we didn’t really speak until my last day of high school when he signed my yrbk and wrote something to the tune of “You really were a great girlfriend.”

We have maybe seen each other twice since then, both times I looked fabulous, he looked as though he was run over by a tractor.

And then last night, there he was. I made jokes, surprised him by my comebacks, and he grabbed for my waist. The conversation was easy and light, and it made me remember how it all (awkwardly) happened in the first place.

He was my first kiss (super sloppy) and I like to think I was his first mistake.


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