Songs that sing to me

31 Jul

There are lines in these songs that make me rock out in my car, thus making me as completely unattractive looking as possible. Regardless, I love them and sing along every time.

Travis Peery– Cries at Night (Now if only I could get him to sing it to me personally!)

She craves the touch, but hates the fight

and it hurts so much all through the night

I can see things deep down in her soul

she’s got all the parts, but oh she ain’t whole.

I am also reveling in the following:

Metro Station- Shake It

Matchbox Twenty- Hand Me Down

Fountain of Wayne- Hey Julie

Jason Mraz – A Beautiful Mess

Linkin Park- Hands Held High (great workout song, I think)

Cartel- This City Never Sleeps

There are many more, but this will do for now.

PS: New neighbors moved in below me today. Let’s just say I may not have seen them come home, but I definitely know what they sound like when they come (if you get my drift).


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