2 Aug

I have a few crushes- boys that I meet and keep in the back of my head. Boys that I never admit to liking, but friends always seem to bring it up in a “Ya, cuz you like him” sort of way.

My crushes are all coming out of the woodwork this weekend. Where are they when I really need to get over someone?

Crush One and I met under awkward circumstances, SEEING AS I WENT HOME WITH ANOTHER GUY. I was excited to see him again and my friends knew that going in. He had just taken the Bar and was party-ready. I too was party-ready, had brought a cute shirt to change into, and actually told Kay at some point earlier in the day that I needed to make out with someone for fear that my fabulous hair would go to waste. I showed up looking hot, Crush One and I made small talk, and I let friends engage in their own version of musical chairs in order to position us near each other.

Part of me loves the dance that comes with meeting people. I love the sarcasm, the witty first-comments. I love making people laugh and flirting a little.

And oh how I love jumping in a cab at the last second with three boys, while your friends cheer you on at the curb, hoping something good comes of it.

Crush One and I made it back to his place, left his friends to crash on the couch and messed around a bit. It was fun, easy and carefree.

In the morning he left me to hang out in my own drunk stink (sexy, I am sure), while he showered. I don’t know if he needed to shower or what, but in any other situation, I would have gathered my things, put on my clothes and let him take me home. Seeing how it was so early, however, I refused to get up, and cajoled him into crawling back into bed with me. We cuddled (a little, he really isn’t very touchy?!?) and chatted about anything I could think of.

I did most of the work when it came down to it, with the exception of the bedroom part. I am ambivalent and not really worried if it goes nowhere.

Where is Crush Two, you are wondering? Well, Crush Two AKA Hoff, his brother and I are going to a Padres game tonight and it will be the first time I have seen him since last June.

The back story on Hoff and updates to come.


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