sparkless in the darkness

9 Aug

AKA Slow Motion: Part 2

I saw Hoff on Saturday for the Padre game, where we had a great time. I smiled quietly to myself (yes, I usually smile loudly) when after a beer or two, he opened up, talking candidly about his family and his students.

Oh the amount of work it took to get to that point.

We move at different paces. Mine: quick, hurried and always just a little too eager. His: shy, reserved, slow to make a decision, slow to MAKE A MOVE.

I saw him again after he drove two hours to come stay with me in SD. He lives in his hometown and doesn’t have much to do until school starts, so I invited him to come hang out at my place. We went to the beach, out for drinks, and cuddled on the couch. We made out a little bit that first night and the next day were back to platonic pals all over again.

Tuesday day? Fabulous. However, Tuesday night in the sack wasn’t so happening. Kisses were sloppy and fingers were fumble-y (I can hear all of you cringing, thank you very much). There is going to be some major tongue tutoring if this is going anywhere.

The slowness, go-with-the-flowness that I love about him does not translate well in the bedroom. I’m a little more do me up against a wall in a passionate moment, and I’m not sure that thought has EVER OCCURRED to him. I want effing fireworks.

I get that it might just come with time. Clearly- if everything else has taken this long. I mean, I’ve known the guy for 3 years, maybe the sexiness will come in another three.

Patience is a virtue. And me and my sloppy kisses are patiently waiting in the dark.


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