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25 Aug

I’m recapping backwards because I don’t remember where I left off.

Had a reunion with all of my friends that I made during a brief study abroad stint in Siena, Italy. They are fabulous, we are fabulous, and we drank more in those four months than most people do in their entire college careers.

So, true to form, they came to San Diego, and we drank. Lots. All day. Adults call it a barbeque. We called it the Drinking Olympics. I won in both the beer pong and bocce ball events. The French have nothing on me when it comes to trash-talking. I can’t help myself.

Before that, there was a work conference in Long Beach, CA. I reunited with an old friend, who seems so together and right with it all. I envy her. We ate a lot. With a little help from a veteran in my business, I was re-inspired. Maybe work won’t suck this week.

I finished the last book in the Twilight Saga series, Breaking Dawn. Amazing. I am pretty sure there will be more.

I have had a movie sitting by my bed for 4 weeks and it still has not been watched. I am also determined to watch season 1 of GG before it comes back on.

Hoff and I have been texting. People keep telling me how nice he is. Nice doesn’t replace a spark. I am just not feeling it.

I have had a short fuse the last few months which I attribute to stress from work and money shit. I got pissed at my Dad the other night for trying to help. NOT GOOD. This needs to be remedied, so I am upping the workout routine. It always makes me feel better.

DEBT. When will it effing GO AWAY? Looking for a second job.


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