Bedside Manner

6 Sep

I have a side of the bed. I sleep on the left (right, when you are in it). I can’t help it. I attempted one night to switch it up, out of concern for the future lopsidedness of my mattress, but it lasted one night and one night only. I like where I sleep and that the covers are mine. I like my corner of the pillow and my corner of the comforter, but cringe knowing I could put my laptop or a book no more than an arms length to my left and it will be there when I wake up.

I like the shifting and the turning and the listening that comes with having someone sleep next to you. I like the entangledness of it all; I like getting comfortable on someone else. I once had a bf tell me when we first slept together he wondered why I slept like I did. He thought it was weird. Then he tried it.
It is amazing, something about aligning your hips. Who knows?

When I am by myself I sleep curled up in on myself, frankly, because that is all I’ve got.

With someone else, without even knowing, I sleep on my stomach, head on their chest or in the crook of their arm, one leg strewn over theirs (in the shape of a four) and my other leg straight. (If I were Jenn I would have drawn a pic =))

I get that there is a space/cuddling continuum and my sleeping preference violates that. Deal. So far, no complaints.

Recently, I ditched all but one pillow on my bed and have moved towards the center. I think I like it. It enhances my effort to feel whole and comfortable in my own space.

Or maybe it is reverse psychology for getting boys in my bed.


One Response to “Bedside Manner”

  1. freeandflawed September 8, 2008 at 7:06 pm #

    Dude if I had some extra time I would totally draw you a Paint pic!

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