brain fart

14 Sep

I can’t post. I have opened my computer at least 5 times this weekend, wanting to write, and every time it is ramble-y and deficient.

So here is my final go.

I stayed in on Friday, and by stayed in I mean I went to a CouchSurfing Bonfire and was pleasantly social. I met some interesting people…(although not interesting enough to inspire a post, apparently.)

I overbooked on Saturday. Quick run by the bay and the guy at Apple telling me my screen will cost $400 bucks to fix (I didn’t do it, I swear!) So much for AppleCare.

I played in a beer pong tourney, then hung out with Kirstin and her fam on their beach camping adventure.

Then, I met up with the roomie and some girls at a bar in San Diego. I took some Advil with my first drink and let the night wear on me.

I watched football today and had dinner with the fam.

Then, my Grandpa, who has Alzheimers, couldn’t remember how to use a telephone, but remembered every word to “Happy Birthday.” That just adds to the mind-blowing affects of that disease. It gets me every time.

and now, I need a job.


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