Humpday Half-Assed Blogging

23 Oct

Hmm. Unaware today is Video Blog day (and by today, I mean yesterday, because my half-assed attempt to post this didn’t quite go as planned.) Go watch other people’s. Nothing new here, folks. It is all part of my Half-Assed plan.

I am loving Jimmy Eat World’s “If You Don’t, Don’t” which pretty much sums up the Hoff’s experience when it comes to dealing with my own half-assedness. It speaks to me.

If you don't don't know, why'd you say so?
Would you mean this please if it happens?
If you don't know, why would you say so?
Won't you get your story straight?

In other news, my team has been talking quite the half-assed attempt at Kickball. Last game we only fielded 7 players, most of whom were girls, and we lost 17-0. It wasn’t all bad as we did have  agood time.

We have a game tonight. Let’s hope that all of the dorky, uncoordinated boys stay home.

Many a moment in my current life qualify as half-assed, except of course my actual ass.


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