Fake Friendship

26 Oct

Twice in the past week, two people I trust and admire, two people I would consider friends, hinted at their selective taste in friends.

I wouldn’t normally think it was odd, but the words sounded so cheap coming from their mouths.

B’s mom represented my friend’s taste by saying “You know she doesn’t like hanging out with fake friends.”

Then, no more than two days later, Tony said, as we were waiting to meet his friend, “He is cool. I am pretty selective about my friends.”

Both times I thought “And what is everyone else doing? Settling for whatever comes around?” and “Cool? Looks like I made the cut?”

It struck me as an odd thing to say. I take pride in having the friends that I do. It takes some amount of effort to keep in touch with all of the different groups and to stay up on their lives.

I feel that being “selective” with friends is merely a reflection of the person spewing the shady words.

“Friends” is a matter of clicking with a person and working to hold up your end of the deal.

Being choosy with your cronies sounds like you have given up on the potential relationship, sometimes before it ever began. It means justifying the few friendships you have as the only ones worth investing in. It may mean getting stuck in the future.

I’m not a fan of stuck. I am even more scared of lonely.

Looks like I need more friends.


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