28 Oct

Wow. Rough day. Not only was I exhausted, but I couldn’t move.

Practically-naked jacuzzi tub Friday met electronica concert Saturday and double-dated with wake boarding Sunday and soccer Monday.

The end result? I paid the effing tab and they all went home to do it granny-style.

What is granny-style, you ask?

Just when you are completely exhausted and everything hurts. I have a bruised knee, a sore back and stiff arms. And I am tired. Walking down stairs has never hurt more, and I seriously found myself groaning at the thought of having to get up.

Now me and my old-ass self are trying to think up not-so-old Halloween costumes, and remember the good old days when bruised knees came from more mouth-related incidents and the only style I participated in was a little more canine.


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