Triple Trouble

10 Nov

It looks like trouble comes in threes; and Mandy, the Roomie and I were willing to stir it up in batches on Friday night.

There were professional surfers, people in the porn industry and a LONG walk home that starred both Snickers and stalkers.

We started out slow. “We’ll just go for a drink, something easy,” Mandy said.

So we ended up at Cass St. Bar and had to down our pitcher in order to avoid Mandy’s ex-boyfriend. We figured he was destined to enter the bar any minute now, because as his friends had already started to flood in.

So we fled. Gulped down beers and practically ran to the next bar.

Where we met surfers. Professional ones- that looked 16. But nonetheless they were interested in my roommate, so we drank their beers and entertained their conversation.

Only to be interrupted by a guy in the “adult-film industry.” Yikes. I’m pretty sure he was shorter than me.

So we fled again, this time to Thrusters.

We were followed by the surfers, and the Roomie did a little making out on the dance floor with Surferman Rob, only to end up going home with him.

So Mandy and I befriended a random bald guy, ate pizza and garlic knots and walked the 45 minutes back to my house.


One Response to “Triple Trouble”

  1. voiceinmyhead November 19, 2008 at 9:55 am #

    wait…you went to a bar named thrusters to escape the adult film star??
    it don’t seem right i tell you, hahaha!

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