10 Dec

I received one voicemail and 2 I’m Sorry texts from Refusestowrapitup. I think he meant it. Deep down, I think he feels bad.

Funny though, when you have the opportunity to ignore someone, it is awfully easy. No wonder guys are so fond of the tactic.

Part of me feels bad, part of me doesn’t.

Part of me knows that the choices I make, to hang out with him, to have sex with him and to pretend he doesn’t exist, are alive and real. They are mine.

I am thankful to have them, and thankful to hold him to his.

For a hilarious story on Choices, check out this nibbly bit from This American Life.

Go to 44:10 to hear the story.

Also, If you don’t normally listen to This American Life, you probably should. The stories are hilarious, heartbreaking, and it truly is storytelling at its finest. It’s a free podcast and you can buy old episodes for 95 cents on iTunes.


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