I’ll take a skinny vanilla latte with a side of sex.

24 Dec

When I was in high school, dating Him, he used to pick me up and we would do something typical like go to dinner or watch a movie on my parent’s couch. Then we would “go to Starbucks,” which pretty much entailed going to a developing business park or a local church parking lot and making out until my curfew. Of course, the local Starbucks closed at 10pm, so my mom must have known (as if my flushed cheeks and crooked ponytail didn’t do enough to clue her in) but we did it anyway, year after year.

Starbucks was my out back then. My excuse. My lie.

And for the last week, I have been hiding out at “Starbucks.”

And my proverbial Starbucks these days means I have been spending time with Refuses.

He asked me out for Friday and we had dinner and drinks at the Yardhouse and went to the Unwritten Law concert. Then we had drinks at my house with my roommate and ADD Boy. We woke up Saturday to a ridiculous amount of cuddling, bloody marys, and breakfast at The Green Flash. Then we shopped on the craziest day of the year, and napped in the afternoon.

He made me dinner on Monday and we cuddled and had sex in front of  his Christmas tree (hello, pretty glow.)

I’m not sure how I feel about him. We have a good time but I am clearly committed to making the lamest choices ever, so I will roll with that for a while.


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