Falling Out.

30 Dec

We just fell out of it so fast. 3 swift mistakes and I am back on my ass. I couldn’t have anticipated what he said. Didn’t figure he would tell me when we were drunk.

But he did. And it didn’t phase me. This was supposed to be easy, carefree, no assembly required.

Only problem? They don’t include instructions for relationships like this, because it is just not supposed to be this complicated.

And me? Well, I need instructions. I need direction on when to kid, and when to love. I didn’t think I could hurt you- Turns out I was wrong. I didn’t think we actually listened to what each other said. I was busy trying to not listen to you, because I didn’t want you to be real. I didn’t want to have to face it, because I simply couldn’t believe in it.

It was supposed to be easy enough that it could be ignored, but it wasn’t.

And then I messed it up. Again and again and again.

It was just that easy.


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