Refuses doesn’t roll off the tounge

4 Jan

Refusestowrapitup and I drank alot yesterday. We went to the stadium to tailgate before the San Diego Super Chargers kicked the Colt’s ass, and drank, drank and drank. Drinking alone, though, is for amatures. If you feel like drunken debauchery doesn’t quite get you there and you would like to mix it with some ridiculously awful situations, I am the person to call. I will finish the job for you.

Let’s take example one:

Refuses and I like to have sex. So after a lovely 12 hour drinkfest, we get it on. In the middle of panting, I whisper “Oh, Refuses, Refuses, right there.” For added emphasis, I continue, only this time, I say “Oh KEVIN.”

KEVIN?!? That is right, I said the name of my ROOMATE’S NEW BOYFRIEND while Refuses and I were in the middle of some very passionate sex.

To which Refuses replies, “You mean Refuses?” and to which I look mortified for the remainder of the night.

Go me.


One Response to “Refuses doesn’t roll off the tounge”

  1. moardy January 13, 2009 at 11:22 am #

    Aak! That sucks! I have an immense fear of doing the same thing and have come to accept I’ll prob slip up sooner or later 😦

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