approval rating

26 Feb

You seem to be liked by everyone. Everyone in my life thinks you are great.

You have impressed my sister, and had lunch with Mandy just because.

You seem so level-headed, so eager to please, and everyone is looking at me asking, “What’s wrong?”

Here’s the thing: I don’t know. I know that you wooed me. The night you said that I was a good person, that the one with the most memories wins, that I am the most down to earth person you had ever met.

Here’s the thing: On the days when you are too critical, too straight-forward, too free with your words, I think twice about moving forward. I have a hunch there is something more out there, not that you have something to hide, but that there is something I should know before drinking the kool-aid, so to speak.

I have doubts and am guarded, mostly to protect me. The less you invade my life, my house I have carefully constructed for by bruised heart, the easier it is to rid you from it.

Don’t be suprised. You didn’t come into this expecting anything. How can you be disappointed? I am simply doing this the only way I know how. My percentage of like doesn’t increase based on everyone else’s.


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