written responses

8 Mar

Post Secret hit a chord with me tonight. I wondered a few things. Lucky for you, I just had to share. touch

Tuesday night I thought about this during my run. Except backwards. I was wondering if girls whose thighs don’t touch feel sorry for me that mine do. I wondered if they think it’s gross. That I will never be worth a man’s love, that if I only I could fix that, maybe then, will everything work out best.

Just wanted to let you know, that while it would be fabulous if my thighs didn’t touch- I am okay. I can find love and can love myself. Thanks anyway, for your concern.
And then there is this. There are people in my life, close to me, that I wish would read this, and see this, and feel for the things that other people go through. That there more than just your thoughts and insecurities, and together with all our flaws, we will all end up okay.
You false critical view makes the rest of us wonder, just what the eff is your problem?

Take the time to make it right, to make your life matter.


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