9 Apr

I am in the final considerations for that job I applied to. I had two stellar references call on my behalf, an awesome phone interview, a semi-okay actual interview and most recently sent them my references.

I am being judged under a microscope and am busily waiting to hear back. I have a bottle of champagne waiting for me if I get it, and about 8 other listings waiting to be replied to when I don’t.

This is dream job status in an industry I am dying to get into. I have been wishing, moody and contemplative for 2 weeks now and am ready for this to be over, assuming it ends with me getting an offer.

Vegas seems so long ago, but Vegas was where Refuses and I first got to celebrate the interview. I am open to getting this. I earned it. Played my cards right and am working my bootie off to send positive vibes out into the world, in hopes that I get some positive phone calls later this week.

Wish, hope and dream for me.


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