Easy Easter

12 Apr

It pretty much didn’t happen. Other than my roommate going to brunch and me swinging by my moms to say hi, it went unnoticed.

Refuses left for the weekend- which left me to be normal again. Because lets face it, when you are in a relationship you spend your time differently.

Oh so I told my mom about us. Not too much, because she has a habit of stalking people and ruining everything. It was getting to the point where I thought someone not in my family would mention him, and she would be hurt I hadn’t told her I was dating anyone.

So I told her. First name only. Still in school. Majoring in Mechanical Engineering.

And instead of saying, “Oh, that sounds great” she half-laughed and projected every single failed relationship she has ever had on to my brand new, shiny boyfriend.

She said, “Mechanical engineers? I know all about them. They can be charming (wtf?). Lets write down a list of qualities and when you two are done I can pull it out and tell you that was going to happen.”

Then she said she is going to buy the Steve Harvey book on dating for me and my sister. Hmm. Thanks Mom, DID I NOT JUST TELL YOU I WAS DATING SOMEONE? Why am I automatically doing it wrong?

So I called her out on it. Said, “Why can’t you just say that’s nice?” She claimed to be “joking.”

She did the exact thing I thought she would, all the way down to the order of the words coming out of her mouth. And she wonders why I never tell her stuff? I waited 5 months to tell her about this one, and I can guarantee it will be much longer before I tell her about the next, if I tell her at all.


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