ignoring you, ignoring me

27 Apr

I have been ignoring the blog. Not sure why, but it seems like the cool thing to do (Ben, Julie, & Jersey Girl) At least they came out of their droughts gracefully. I cannot say the same for myself.

A few things have been on my mind.

One: Refuses and I: not made for each other, not lasting past August. Still gonna hurt, though.

Two: Salads have never looked more unappealing, despite delicious looking dressing. blah.

Three: College would be easy. Can I go back?

Four: I wish I could save some money. I need a non-bias third party to look at my finances and make me a budget. I spend money on stupid shit, and need to pay off those credit cards. Thanks Obama for helping me with SOMETHING.

Five: My life has never looked better so I am pretty much preparing for the worst.


Seven: Has anyone ever taken a self-defense class? That is something I would like to check off my list.

Eight: To go or not to go the blogger meet up in June. I haven\’t registered, I can\’t find a cheap enough fare, but I feel like all you 20SB people are just what I need. Anyone going from San Diego?

Nine: 19 more days left until this hell hole of a job is over and I get to start my new one.

Ten: I feel better already. Thanks, Internets.


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