home stretch

10 May

I am blogging from a boy’s house. I’ll have you know that when I started this thing I NEVER in a million years thought that would happen.

Don’t ask why- it just seems like such a me thing, a part of me I know I will never really be able to fully share because the words are touchy and I want my thoughts here to be mine. I don’t want them to be tainted.

I have 5 more days of my job left- and then I get to start the new one. I am definitely pushing my patience and it feels like I accepted the new position years ago. I can’t wait to learn something new, to meet new people and to be put in that fabulously awkward position of treading new ground, navigating office intricacies and hopefully thriving at this new company.

New is good. I could not be more excited to be busy and stressed and working towards something meaningful in my life.

oh and I almost made out with a chef last night. Thank god I didn’t.


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