Chime in for crazy

28 Jun

Hi. While most of you are off gallivanting through the Chicago bars… I can tell you one thing, if I was there I would be drunk by now, begging for drunk food, and probably hitting on Ben (yes, I realize I am not exactly his cup of tea)… I am here, in San Diego, still contemplating crazy. Fortunately for you, when the crazy reaches an all-time high, the blog posts roll out with astounding regularity.

We are going to play a little game. It is called Chime In for Crazy, and I would like you all to comment or post back if you think I am not crazy, or rightfully going crazy due to the following scenario:

Refuses has a cousin. This I understand. I like family, family is good.

No crazy yet.

Refuses is best friends with this cousin. Great. I like friends too. They keep you entertained when I’m hanging out with my own.

No crazy yet, could actually be considered a plus to his overall character.

Refuses’ cousin flew in from Canada (where said cousin lives) to see him graduate college. Perfect. Family support. I’m all about it.

Still no crazy.

Cousin stays for two weeks. Hmm, seems a bit long, but maybe they don’t get to see each other often. Wouldn’t want you to overstay your welcome though.

Cousin is a girl. Interesting, definitely adds a twist to the story, but they are cousins, right? eww.

My understanding, logical, rational mind is still intact.

Girl cousin is 35. Wow, that’s odd… I meant old… I meant odd. Odd. Shouldn’t she have a life to get back to or something? Two weeks with a 25 year old dude cousin seems strange.

Crazy starts here.

Old Girl cousin is married. Whew. I was getting worried there for a second.

Not only is old girl cousin married with a life, but she has a three year old daughter, and is a stay at home mom. Way Weird. Do Mom’s usually leave their kids for two weeks at a time?

Wait, it gets better.

Girl mom old cousin frequently discusses her and her husband’s sex life/lack there of with Refuses. Totally normal, right? I didn’t think so.

Girl mom old cousin has also made scrapbooks featuring Refuses and herself. They are prominently displayed in his room, with the other (as in, more than one) framed photographs of her.

Girl mom old cousin and Refuses take naps together -IN THE SAME BED- in his room during her stay.

Did you hear my blood start to boil?

To top it off, Girl mom old cousin is undeniably hot.

This is me, jealous, and all the sudden not feeling so crazy.

And just as she was ready to leave, ( I, of course, have been ready for her to leave since she arrived) she changes her flight to stay 3 more days!



2 Responses to “Chime in for crazy”

  1. sanya June 29, 2009 at 5:11 am #

    ok, this is all a little weird. but if we sit down and think rationally, people DO sometimes have awkwardly close relationships that we don’t always understand. like refuses and his cousin. but, okay. rational thinking. THEY ARE COUSINS. THEY CANNOT HIT IT. that’s gross. and she would be ruining a marriage. maybe she is like a mommy-figure to him or something.

    you’re not crazy. it’s weird.

  2. busypretending June 29, 2009 at 6:19 pm #

    Weird 1. Crazy 0

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