Do you know what I loved

7 Aug

In case you were dying to know:

When I said you weren’t a nice guy.

You stopped, sat upright, and stopped my tears with the look on your face. You told me I was wrong, not mean-like, just so matter of fact. You asked me to take it back. 

You said I had to stop doing that, calling you mean, because you are not. You said I knew you were a nice guy, because if you really weren’t you never would have ended up in bed with me.

I loved that you knew I didn’t put up with any crap, yet you always put up with mine. You were never shattered when I cried, or at least you didn’t show it. Instead, you just fixed it.

I loved that you let me bug you in the morning, and at night. No matter how early, no matter how sleepy, you let me kiss you goodbye. I think I will miss those minutes in the morning the most.

I loved that you never made me feel silly for dating you, and I loved that you called me pretty just for fun.


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