crafty little devil

13 Oct

First thing’s first. I am not crafty. I am, however, very very broke. So as a result I am teaching myself to become crafty.

I like new things, but due to the *ahem* lack of funds, instead of buying new things, I am making old things new.

This is my fist attempt, so please don’t laugh.

Before: (yes, it’s upside down) -4

After (part one): I removed the old fabric and stapled the new fabric and ribbon on. I purchased the fabric online through purl. It came in a day and I was so excited to get it! -1

After (part 2): I made my fabric covered buttons using a kit I purchased at JoAnn’s and superglued them over the staples where the ribbon intersects. It is so cute and I cannot wait to hang it! This project was a perfect confidence booster, was no-sew (thank GOD!) and was less than $10!-3


2 Responses to “crafty little devil”

  1. Julie October 13, 2009 at 12:32 pm #

    I think it’s awesome. Good girl!!!!


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