runnning partners are like boyfriends

16 Mar

I have a new one, and I have had many. They are different, special, and frankly, some were mistakes.

Early on, there is this excitement and fire that makes everything move faster, that makes you take one hurried step after the next.

You aren’t sure how it will end, if you will even make it to the end, but at some point you are sharing things about yourself you never thought you would tell anyone. Especially while grasping for quick, desperate breaths.

You connect, every move together, and you rearrange your schedule to be together. You work through the pain together.

You pick up the pace, but slow down at times. Sometimes nothing tastes as good as a tall, cool drink of water.

You second guess yourself. Guesstimate how much time you have left on this path

And finally, they push you to the edge until all you want is for it to be over. You run the race and you go your separate ways, because you simply have little else in common.


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