parents pretend too!

1 Apr

I just spent the last 12 hours with my dad.

Editing his resume and updating his computer software.

WHOA. My dad is smart, and educated, and a corporate engineer. He is a little unpolished, but not by any means incapable.

And yet, there I was, editing the formatting in his resume, and at some point you realize we are all running around pretending. He is an engineer, not a designer, yet in less than 5 days, he needed designing skills, and all the sudden he had to care about fonts, and words, and life-changing formatting.

And he needed Word so there was bit-torrenting and downloading and burning.

Then he did my taxes. Yay!

Because, in the end, I am not going to pretend I am a tax accountant, and he isn’t going to pretend to be a designer.


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