twizzler filling and follow up

21 Apr

Okay, so I knew I was making a mistake. After all, the twizzlers had filling.

I willingly surrendered my cash for Sweet and Sour Filled (as if that’s a bonus!) Twizzlers, thinking I like sour, and I would like something new, and I like twizzlers.

What I don’t like is Silly Putty-flavored candy that isn’t the teeniest bit sour.

The filling was gross and the texture was weird, and it was an all-around mistake. I would like my one dollar and 90 calories back please. The only good that came out of this? Those last two Rolos I have left to get the taste out of my mouth.

As for other items that are the complete opposite of mistakes? 

Ever since this post I have been OBSESSED with Words with Friends. It is awesome, and addicting and awesomely addicting. However, I did get schooled by ThisFish. How did I go for so long without the constant scrabbling, word forming and number counting?

Lastly, I need a lamp. A cheap, chic, goes with a yellow bedside table, table lamp. I am thinking white, or clear glass, but am open suggestions. Throw them my way. And heaven knows, that if you find one somewhere that I can paint or revamp send that my way too.


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