27 Apr

I think my life has come to a pill tracker.  A daily pill tracker. The plastic kind used by 80 year olds so they can sort out their meds. I have added to my collection of birth-control and multivitamins, an assortment of other supplements and daily holy-crap-i-forgot-to-take-that-again pills.

So I think I need a pill tracker. Is that bad?

Oh, and I think I left my omg-i-can’t-leave-home-without-it water bottle at the doctor’s office today. boo.

Did I mention that I am sick, and a little bit more whiny (than usual)?

And I am in love with Shania Twain. She is cute and fabulous and her songs bring back so many memories for me. Plus she is Canadian, and was so sweet on Idol, how can you not love her?


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