CPR for dummies

28 Apr

I am taking a CPR class through the Red Cross. And bless the Red Cross for educating America on CPR and First Aid. But, lordy, are some people dumb.

There I was (naively) thinking that graduating college signified the last time I would ever have to listen to someone raise their hand in class, only to comment and repeat exactly what the professor said.

“I’m sorry. Did you have a question?”


“Then put your gosh-darn hand down!”

And leave it to Mister Comment Man to be the only one in the whole stinking class to not GET IT at the end of the 4 hours. Too busy formulating his comments and anecdotes in his pea-brained head to listen to the instuctions.

3 seconds, then breathe, idiot.

Dear Mister Comment Man,

Please do not be within a 50 mile radius of me, in the off chance that I require CPR. I will take my chances on the woman that mistakenly sat in the CPR class instead of the First Aid class for 15 WHOLE minutes, despite the teacher indicating which class this was three times, and her name NOT being on the roster.


Fearfully weary of the general public


One Response to “CPR for dummies”

  1. sanya May 1, 2010 at 8:54 am #

    Ahahah :[ people are dumb.

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