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grace in small things: forty four

15 Aug

5. should-ing myself to death. It is the end of an era.

4. I feel ready for a revolution. Job. Eating. Body. Whichever comes first.

3. Funny friends. It just doesn’t get any better than wine tasting in Paso Robles.

2. Knowing myself well enough to know when dudes make me uncomfortable.

1. Winging the half-marathon. I didn’t train nearly enough and am going to need plenty of grace to finish in one piece.



non-response: cheating edition

3 Aug

he sent: “thought you would like this juicy bit of news jack and jill went ring shopping… hope you are well :)”

my non-response: “wow. looks like all of you are good at being in shitty relationships.”

he would have said: “you were in the relationship too.”

my non-response: “no. you and I were completely different relationships.”

I haven’t heard from Refuses in 9 months, and he sends hope. you. are. well?  I deleted.


gone fishing

1 Aug

I know you don’t know what happened. I know you don’t know where I went. But I am here. Quiet, but here.


I am thinking so many things.

1) It takes a long time to get over someone.

2) You are the only person that can give someone permission to hurt your feelings.

grace in small things: forty three

6 Mar

5. weekends

4. hearing about dates, without having to go on them.

3. hot chocolate

2. day drinking at a The Glass Door on Saturday

1. watching movies. yay Netflix.

need mine now

27 Feb

sometimes, you just need an anthem.

This is mine:

say it together now

14 Feb

All you can do is move forward.

grace in small things: forty two

2 Feb

5. baking, cooking and generally making an all-around mess. My roommate says I get “all Top Chef” on the kitchen. Love it.
4. maybe having enough money to cover my ass this month AND get my car fixed. awesome.
3. fighting off this cold. Someday.
2. Brotherly Love. Sometimes they just make you so proud.
1. I tried Bone Marrow for the first time last week. Pretty effing life-changing.