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Repeat Offender

13 Dec

1 more voicemail asking me to hang out and 1 facebook message from Refusestowrapitup and I am cracking up at my luck with these people. He eventually told me to let him know if he is bugging me. I have yet to respond.

Of course, the one that I write off from the second day is the one who possess unyielding persistence.

My roommate keeps asking what I did to this guy. I swear, we hung out twice, and sparks were minimal.

Turns out he may be normal, and actually feel bad.

Turns out he is the one of ALL THE ONES BEFORE HIM (except for Hoff) who is actually interested.

Oh and I had a mini-nervous breakdown today, but more on that later.


San Diego

13 Jul

I am in love with this town. It is days like these that I wonder why I would ever move.

I was walking off of South Mission Beach, glowing from a fresh sunburn and crusted in sand from one too many beach volleyball games, and could not think of any other place I would rather be. We barbequed on the beach and cheered on friends in a lifeguarding competition (HOW I MISS MY GUARD DAYS!) We drank spiked gatorade and played bocce ball.

I have applied for jobs on the other half of the globe, and considered grad school out-of-state.

Today made me wonder, why?