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grace in small things: fifteen

12 Feb

first of all… There are two twelves. Who is running this ship? and how come no one told me?

5. All the clothes have been hung in the closet with semi-care, in hopes that a boy would come heat up my bed.

4. Ramen. Because those noodles are oh-so-good and Spicy Vegetable is the hardest flavor to find.

3. Thank goodness for sick being a fabulous excuse to not work out. Oh, how my nose would run if I attempted to run.

2. Sara Watkins. I saw her sing a June Cash part in a duet at a concert on Tuesday. TO DIE FOR.

1. Being in bed before 12 am tonight because I am tired.

bonus: clean sheets- because I sweated my way through them three nights in a row thanks to a ravishing fever and some fabulous cold sweats. My mind has never been so confused and my bed has never been wetter. Sad, I know. Or good if you are thinking that I meant peeing in my bed. I don’t pee in my bed.

Oh and can someone please remind me to shave my legs tomorrow? Here’s the thing. I am really effing good at being single. So good in fact, that I pretty much only “remembered” to shave my legs on nights I was feeling ridiculously randy and thought I may get lucky, or..Wait, no that’s about it. -And I don’t get lucky that often.

I also have never dated someone that lived less than an hour away, so the “hey, I’m just going to pop in so we can sleep in the same bed situation” never happened to me. Until it did. And oh, holy hell, was I unprepared. Fortunately, it is now a bonus for Refuses when I remember, but ohmygod, my college girlfriends are going to kill me when they find out… and how the hell did I forget (more than once?)

Gross. I am officially pulling my girl card for good.



20 Mar

I saw Tristan Prettyman perform at the Belly Up last night. It was her first show of her new tour and it was amazing!  I love all of her new stuff and I love all of her old stuff. She is beautiful and rocked the house- A house filled with girls and their boyfriends.

I loved the new song “Interviews.”  I also love “Smoke.”

I went solo because it is easier than convincing people that kind-of don’t want to go that it was worth their money. I truly enjoyed myself.