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on the other side

18 Jul

So first of all, I created my bucket list (see this amazing one) of sorts, except it’s my Not Too Busy list. Enjoy. Suggest things for me to add. Tell me what is on yours.

Second of all, I am here, looking down the barrel of a breakup. I think I am okay, so far. I think I can do this. I can already feel the crazy coming back. It is like someone put the IV drip back in my bloodstream, and I can feel the sad and the crazy building.

On the flipside, I am so excited to be in control. I can’t wait to get the parts of my life back that I neglected. The gym, my nails and my self-discipline have all been neglected. Not to mention my bathroom that hasn’t yet been unpacked and my bedroom that has shit all over the floor. There are blogs to read and television series to watch. There are happy hours and long slow runs to catch up on.

It’s a two-sided coin. I’ll soon be on the other side.

Let’s hope we can keep the crazy to a minimum.